KRKaitlyn is a four time Dora nominated actor from Montreal, who now calls Toronto home. Her acting resume can be found here.

-Orphan Song at The Tarragon Theatre (May 2020)
Harry Potter & The Cursed Child at The Ed Mirvish Theatre (October 2020)

She is a founding member of Shakespeare in the Ruff and has performed in five of their productions (Sylvia, Imogen, Juliet, a puppeteer in ‘Macbeth: Walking Shadows’, and Camillo). She became the Artistic Director in 2017 and in 2018, wrote ‘Portia’s Julius Caesar’, a co-creation with Shakespeare, refocusing the play to centre on the female characters.

“Half the script is Riordan’s own writing; the other is drawn from 17 Shakespeare plays, including Julius Caesar, 4 sonnets, and a poem. Her achievement in weaving this all together so it comes across as a single – and credibly Elizabethan – voice is considerable.” The Toronto Star 3.5/4 stars

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