Praise for Mockingbird (Jan 2016):

“intriguing [&] entertaining” “Riordan offers especially fine work”

-Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine NNNN

“Watch out for key performances from Kaitlyn Riordan as the “guilty” teacher’s best friend, caught between maintaining both her staunch professionalism and a deep personal relationship…”

-Carly Maga, The Toronto Star

“The impressive ensemble is highlighted by Kaitlyn Riordan as a heartbreaking young woman whose moral rigidity eclipses her compassion.”

-Kelly Bedard, My Entertainment World

“As Imogen, Kaitlyn Riordan adroitly shifts gears in almost every scene: girlish enthusiasm, loving young wife, betrayed lover, comic girl-disguised-as-boy, accidental warrior, you name it.”

Robert Crew, The Toronto Star (Cymbeline’s Reign)

“I spoke about falling in love with the company and I have to confess that I was crushing big-time on the winsome Kaitlyn Riordan, who doubled both heroine Silvia and serving woman Lucetta by changing little more than her thought processes, but giving us two distinctive women in the bargain.”

-Richard Ouzounian, The Toronto Star (Two Gents)

“Kaitlyn Riordan’s ironic Mary, haunted by her famous mother’s spirit, anchors the production with a nuanced performance.”

-Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine (The Apology)

“Riordan’s earnest, naive Ophelia had the audience’s sympathy from her first scene to her anguished encounter with the pretending-to-bemad Hamlet, in which his words struck her like blows.”

-Mark Arnest, The Gazette in Colorado Springs (Hamlet)

“The show is stolen by Kaitlyn Riordan…Riordan breezes onto the stage for her (unfortunately brief) performance, with an air of purpose, authenticity and excellent comic-timing…”

-The Stage UK (Laundry & Bourbon)

“Kaitlyn Riordan is a forthright, ballsy and engaging Viola.”

-The Stage UK (Twelfth Night)

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